User Experience Designer

The MSc Human Computer Interaction at City, University of London has provided me with a wide range of skills required to be a UX professional. The projects below demonstrate how I have applied those skills. Please click through on the links to see the reports.

User Experience Projects

Interaction Design


An interactive digital design to enhance the British Museum Egyptian Galleries experience.

A user centred design process involving user research, conceptual design and detailed design. A team project.

Creativity In Design


A design to enhance connected services through the Internet of Things (IoT) in a gallery space.

This team project used creative techniques to come up with a unique design. From initial concept through to a low tech prototype.

Evaluating Interactive Systems


Plan, conduct and report an evaluation of The Stroke Association website.

A UX evaluation of the usability of the Stroke Association website. Including an expert review, user research, data analysis and recommendations to improve the design.


Lego Model Empathy Map Sketch 3D Service Environment
Wordcloud Shoes People

Inclusive Design


Conduct an expert accessibility audit of the bPay website.

Using WCAG, an audit was carried out to conformance level A. The audit involved walking through a user journey and reporting the errors and their severity. Individual Project.

Information Architecture


An Information Architecture design project.

This project created an IA for a website of arts events in London and the South East. The report includes, a domain model, a site map, a user journey and wireframes. User research was carried out with tree testing and card sorting. The design artefacts were produced using Axure.

Cognition and Technologies


Design a novel solution using cognitive models.

The design used Distributed Cognition as a driver, in particular DiCoT (Distributed Cognition in Teams). The system incorporated collaborative computing principles in a coding workshop environment. The theme of gender was also discussed and the software was designed with women and girls in mind.

bPay Website



Web Applications Development


Develop a web application using a wide range of technologies.

This website has been written by me from scratch. The technologies I used were HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, data visualisation (d3) and Google Fonts. The content of the site includes a couple of my hobbies, cycling and pottery. Use the top menu to view the other pages on the site. The report discusses the issues I encountered while writing the website and an evaluation.