Slops and Pugmill

I have purchased a second hand Venco pugmill from the lovely Cookie Scottorn. It is the de-airing type and is hopefully going to prevent the pain I have been having in my hands, arms and shoulders from all that kneading of clay.

Cookie very kindly showed me around her workshop when I went to collect the pugmill, I was very impressed with her ability to throw such large items in crank clay. Her planters and birdbaths are amazing.

A bonus with the pugmill was that it is full of crank clay, so I am reclaiming a small amount of my crank so that I can put it through the mill. Once I have done that I am going to feed through  the clay in my dustbin and then finally I will use it to reclaim my stoneware clay ready for throwing.

The dustbin has been sitting outside my studio since I set up the pottery in December 2010. Every time I rinsed my tools I tipped the contents of the bucket into the dustbin, I periodically removed the water after it had settled. Now I have half a dustbin full of scrummy slip. I started with stoneware but later decided I would put the terracotta in as well, so with some glaze bucket swills and a bit of crank and porcelain, who knows what clay I will end up with.

Here’s a video of yesterday’s activity.