The Gas Kiln is Loaded

This week I am being a full time potter, but I’m mostly doing the evening shift! Monday I fired the biscuit kiln and made up some test glazes for the gas firing, Chun, Jade, Celadon and Tenmoku. Wednesday and Thursday I was glazing and last night I stacked the kiln by electric light. All ready for firing today. The top shelf has some of my small bowls with glass. they are being re-fired because the glass didn’t settle properly during the first firing in the glaze electric firing. I thought it would be interesting to see how they come out after a reduction firing. There is one on each shelf too so I can see if they vary with the different temperatures. The three spiky things on the right hand side in the middle are called cones and they are there to measure the temperature. They each bend at a specific temperature so I can see how hot the kiln gets on that shelf. You can’t see the probe of the thermocouple which is poked through a hole on the right hand side, this will be attached to my pyrometer so that I can accurately measure the temperature. Wish me […]